Bio-mass wood chipping

Bio mass chipping and wood-fuel

when as part of our job brief is to remove all waste timber and wood chipping, we decide what we will keep for our firewood market and what will send for chipping. heavy timber when made into wood chip has a better wood to bark percentage this give a better heat when eventually feed into a suitable boiler. Arboriticultural chip is usually the opposite with a high bark to wood percentage and is less suitable for bio mass. However when ARB chip is dried to a low moisture content it makes great winter bedding for live stock with customers boasting of improvements in livestock feet and length of time it provides bedding compared to straw used in a similar manner.

Bio-mass chippers

Our own pto chipper is able to be fitted appropriate screens which keeps our wood chip in a uniform size. This chip that is produced is then dried and sold for biomass, we also use some of the chip to feed a boiler to dry large amounts at a time.

Animal bedding

Most of our chip is better suited to animal bedding and using the same system we use for bio mass chip once dryied our non-screed chip is prfect for bedding cattle and other livestock over winter.

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