Tree Felling

Tree felling – we cover and deal with all sizes of tree when it comes to felling from a small annoying bit of scrub, to full gown 60 foot+ monsters. Whether it’s in your back garden, over a shed or oil tank or simply in the middle of a green field, we have the equipment and skill to take in on. Tree felling can be a very dangerous task, which can result in serious injury or death. Many people realize this and choose to leave this work to professionals. Tree felling is commonly performed with a chain-saw, this is why felling a tree can be such a dangerous task. Planning for tree felling is extremely important, factors such as the path of where the tree will fall and how level the ground is must be considered

Straight fell- this is only an option were there is enough room to fell the tree safely. we will asses this during the work planing process.  we may decide the tree is suitable for winching or using rope assisted felling to pull the tree into the desired drop zone. if the risk is too high for a direct fell we will advise sectional felling.

Sectional felling-if it is decided that sectional felling is the safest option, one of our competent climbers will ascend into the crown of the tree and start to break it down in a safe manner. this may be though taken small hand held sections or letting large sections free fall into the drop zone. we will also use rigging equipment to safely lower or swing heaver sections into the drop zone or away from objects and hazards. in some cases it may be needed to use a crane to lift heavy or difficult sections down.

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