Forestry & Utility Management

Forestry & utility management

We offer a wide range of options when it comes the management of wood land and small scale forestry sites, we work hard with private owners of small privately owned plantations to large scale commercial sites we offer services from the beginning to end.

We offer the following in forestry

  • Initial Planting services – the planting up of new sites of commercial woodland in both hard and soft wood types.
  • Beating up and spraying– we offer beating up for dead stock in a juvenile block and spraying for the prevention of pest and disease.
  • Thinning out– it is advised that a block of woodland is thinned out at key stages in its life time to help maximise the end crop and value
  • Final clear fell-as well as working with young crop we also work in the final product, when the block comes to a suitable maturity, we can come in and harvest the timber and bring it to road side ready for sale.

Utility management

Vegetation work planning provides detailed vegetation management workloads and prescriptions for utility companies. Through this, utility foresters develop work manifests that are issued to line clearance tree crews, helping to most efficiently manage vegetation along transmission and distribution right-of-ways.

Additionally, vegetation work planning contributes to increased reliability, eliminating the need for hot-spotting by addressing hazard trees and cycle busters before they cause issues. Work can be done to help mitigate risks and avoid outages.

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