Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding and chemical Treatments

After felling and removing a tree there is a chance that the remaining stumps will regrow or it might become a tripping hazard on lawns or beside walk ways. We offer a couple of different options when it comes to the treatment of stumps either grinding or chemical treatment.

Stump grinding- we uses a machine with a cutting wheel to remove the stump, either completely or to below the ground level. After grinding there is only woody shavings remaining these can be replaced with top soil if need be. We can grind away both small and large stumps we have equipment to get the job done be it in a open field or in a small enclosed yard. a few considerations before grinding

  • Services- we need to be made aware of any services in or around the grinding zone e.g. electricity, gas, water if needed we can carry out a cat scan.
  • Hidden objects-  we ask to be made aware of any metal objects berried around or under stumps.

Chemical treatment- all chemicals come with risks and it for this reason we only offer treatment with ECO-PLUGS as these capsules keep any chemicals in the stump. This means after treatment there is no active chemicals exposed and no risk of accidental contact to public/children or pets/livestock.

Fun options- in the past we have cut stumps into the shape of large chairs and tables and even giant Mushrooms.

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