Commercial site clearance

Commercial site clearance – starting a new building project on a overgrown site, we offer full site clearance back to green field leaving a blank sheet for your project to start from. With the option of all timber and wood chip being removed with our specialist equipment, this will truly make starting a new site as easy as possible.

we can clear large areas quickly by putting skilled teams in with the correct equipment, on most large site clearing jobs we will run the tractor and roof mounted crane to help the team move timber and feed brash into the chippers this setup is very efficient and keeps manual handling to a minimum. we follow the same steps to make each clearance job run smoothly.

  1. Access-we firstly open an access spot or road onto the site giving us a feel of were to start clearing the ground.
  2. Ground work- we then remove all ground level scrub and fells wile chipping the waste as we go either on site or being removed for bio mass or animal bedding.
  3. Difficult trees-with access open and the ground cleared we can see what tree need more though put into working on either felling or pruning as deemed appropriate.
  4. Removal-once the job is completed any remaining timber and equipment will be removed.

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