Pruning – in most cases trees tend to be a massive asset to any property, with some consideration and thought pruning a small or large tree can be a great option. Bringing more light in allowing regeneration in the crown and relieving pressure on unions and joints. There are many different solutions you can choose from. some examples may include;

  • Crown Thinning- thinning out dense crowns not only allows more light to filter though but wild as well.
  • Dead wood removal- Removing dead wood, removes the risk of large and dangerous lumps of timber from failing, it also creates a clean look.
  • Retrenchment, Bracing & Pollarding – these are also some options to consider.

We try to advise the best style of pruning were possible, and there are many more options and styles to consider, most complete prunes are made up multiple target factors for example 20% reduction o crown and deadwood.

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