Firewood and mobile wood processing

Firewood and mobile wood processing – All the timber and waste log we remove off site is stored in a purpose built yard, were the team recycles and processes it into billets to season then eventually into fire wood ready for your stove or open fire. We offer great deals on firewood sales in Midulster. These include large bulk sales or netted bag ready to go. we split timber into two different categories, hard wood and soft wood.

Hard woods – Native trees like Ash, oak, birch, horse chestnut ect all are classed as hard word. these types of timber usually take longer to process into fire wood. this type of fire wood burns well in open fires with low sparks compared to softwood, it will also burn very well in a stove or log burner.

Soft wood-tree’s like Sicka spruce, Scots pine and fur would be class as soft wood, we process these through a machine that cuts and then splits the logs into fire wood. this saves a lot of time and effort. soft woods tend to spark more due to the high level of sap in the timber and needs a longer time to season.

Mobile processing- We offer Mobile processing were we can process logs into fire wood using our equipment this may be for timber that is over sized and difficult for a home owner to tackle them self’s. we will offer competitive rates using all our own equipment.

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